How and Why...
Home School Mathemathics

can be vastly Superior to Public School MATH!


21st century tool:
1. Get step-by-step solutions to ANY math problem in just a minute or two.
2. Self-guided ways to learn programming.
3. Automatically become a SupraComputer Club Member to interact with like-minded people!


Our Family Plan is designed for:
1. Students just beginning post-elementary math.
2. Students who struggle or hate math.
3. Students who want the best college math preparation possible, especially if going into a STEM subject.


Educational, Entertainment & FUN!

Keep your children engaged in learning! The SupraComputer is loaded with games to build skills in math, typing, memory and more!


Where’s What Parents and Students Tell Us…

Thank you so much!  I am just in shock!!!  We went from such a hard, hard struggle and failing it all to finding this program and now my son is acing it all!!  I cannot thank you guys enough for what you do!

Lindsey R.

Homeschool Mom, TN

My daughter took the intro course on the use of the calculator and has learned a lot and enjoyed it at the same time! You’ll be able to help a lot of kids with this program. My daughter loves it!

Lorrie C.

Homeschool Mom, CA

This is EXACTLY what we need!!! My son, who struggles so badly with Math, is excited that we finally have something he can follow along with. THANK YOU so much!!!

Michele G.

Homeschool Mom, TN

John successfully placed into calculus. He’s taking it this fall at the University of Memphis. So, with your program, he covered 6th grade math through precalculus in a summer!
Thank you!

Allyson C.

Homeschool Tutor, TN

Your curriculum is widely praised in my homeschooling community, and I am considering it for my ten-year-old in the future.

Gina G.

Homeschool Mom

I really appreciate your help and I am enjoying taking math lessons from you. You teach things in simple ways that I can grasp.

Emmanuel H.

Student, WA

After our tutoring session on the quadratic formula, I did all the problems and got them all right! Thank you so much for helping me!

Audrey C.

Student, TN

My daughter hated doing math but has really enjoyed your program.  Thanks for all your help!

Tiffany D.

Homeschool Mom, TN

I’ve struggled with math for so long, but your courses has filled me with a desire to learn. I’m optimistic about math now – I wish I could put into words how happy I am!

Mike P.

Returning College Student, TX

I am very impressed with the content and how it’s delivered. Will be sharing!!

Jose B.

Returning College Student, NJ