Help your Members and Organization at the same time!

In this 7 minute video, Dr. Del shares an important message for HomeSchool Organizations. Learn how your group can earn money by referring your members to

Triad Math AFFILIATE Program

Tell a Homeschool Family about the “Succeed with Math” Crusade at  If the Family joins the Crusade or purchases any other Triad Math Program and tells us you sent them, then Triad Math will pay the Affiliate $30 Plus $6/Mo so long as the Family remains a Crusader.

For Example, You get 100 Families to join the Crusade you will earn $3,000 plus $600/Mo as long as they are Crusaders, which could be manymonths or years.

We recommend you visit yourself and learn all about the Crusade and watch Dr. Del’s 30 Minute video and read some of the Testimonials.

Contact us with any questions if you would like to become an Affiliate.

Note: A Family is not a Crusader until they enter their second month as a Crusader by paying the second month’s Crusader Dues.


Questions?  812.355.3030 ext. 402 -OR-