Is Your Homeschool Convention cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak causing a loss of revenue for your organization?

We can help!

We are supporting our Homeschool Partners by helping them regain some of their lost revenue due to convention cancellation.

Here is what we are doing to support one State Association:

Cancelling their convention caused them to lose of 40% of their annual revenue, revenue that they count on to be able to continue to offer their services.

In lieu of a physical convention, they are offering registered attendees access to a virtual convention.

Each convention vendor will have a “booth” in their virtual convention, allowing registered attendees to take advantage of the show offers and giveaways.

We are participating in their virtual convention by giving registered attendees two free gifts (see Sample Offer below).

In addition, the state organization is going to host a series of live webinars with Dr. Del, where parents can get educated on how to deliver an optimal post-elementary program to their children.  The webinar will also include an open Q&A session.

The first webinar will be exclusively for convention registered attendees.

The second webinar will be exclusively for the state organization’s members.

Another webinar will be offered to the general public, as the state organization is trying to increase membership.

The state organization will record the webinars and make the replay available via their website.

The state organization will also be adding our offer to their website via a linked image (see Sample Image below).

The state organization will receive 20% of any purchases they refer to us.  This means monthly residual income for them… and it can be the same for your organization!

We can do this and more for your organization…

just ask and we’ll help.

We are all in this together!

To get started, Call us at 812.355.3030 ext 402

Sample Offer:

Get two valuable free gifts to empower you to provide an optimal post-elementary math program to your children and help your organization’s name goes here!

  1. Get the new eBook/vBook:  “How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math” Don’t forget to watch the 11 minute video too!
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When You Join The Crusade for less than $1/day… You Get:

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  • Reduce your Crusade dues down to $9/month and earn Amazon Gift Cards by referring friends!


  • Earn up to 7 credits in high school math with records of completion. 
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  • Student Forum for math questions, along with support from a Ph.D. in Math!

Sample Image: